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Beate Chell(non-registered)
Mahalo Joe....Our Wedding in Hawaii...
Your Vision was our vision, all captured with panache', style and passion. Your style like an editorial spread in the latest edition of Vogue. You listened and delivered beyond all expectations. We have been truly blessed to have you as our photographer. You clearly adore what you do as your profession and it's reflected in every image that your heart feels and your eyes see. I am so proud to have all my friends and family look at your shots. This bride not only married the man of her dreams, but equally had the pictures of her dreams as well. To say you are awesome is not suitable enough.... words can't capture it, but your pictures do.
Dipika Chaudhari
Thank you so much Joe! We are extremely pleased with our wedding pictures....sooo much that I have to keep looking at them. Photography was probably the most important thing to me to make sure I got exactly what I wanted, and Joe, you have the best work I have ever seen. I could not be happier to work with you and you are so easy to get along with. I had so much fun at all our wedding events and hope to see you when we are in Hawaii again. Thanks for all you did for us!
Spencer Garrod(non-registered)
Joe understands better than anyone how to capture the moment and the grace and energy of moving bodies. How can I say this...Joe takes pictures that LOOK like what it FEELS like when you are feeling sublimely BEAUTIFUL! Joe's pictures are experienced with both the visual and kinaesthetic senses.
Lesley Young
Aloha Joe,
We want to thank you for always taking the most fabulous photos of our Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, Spring Showcase and other ballets that we perform and present. You are great to work with and the best.
See you soon for Nutcracker!
Ballet Hawaii
Domonkos Feher(non-registered)
Hey Joe, we both really enjoyed the photos from our wedding. They are amazing. Especially the one shot of Carolyn coming down the path to the beach with her veil blowing in the wind. I think your photo captured the moment perfectly. It brings back the same exact feelings to me that I had when I first saw her in her white dress coming down towards me. I will be eternally thankful to you for that one.

Keep up the good work.
Kimberleigh Villasenor(non-registered)
i wholeheartedly relished my experience working with Joe! Joe possesses an incredible combination of skill, talent and creativity as well as a special, almost magical way, of becoming effortlessly and imperceptibly in sync with his subject so that the experience evolves into a beautifully collaborative process with the comfort of Joe's expertise and guidance at the helm. All of this is evident through the amazing images Joe captures and the feelings elicited and messages conveyed to the beholder.

i await, with joyous anticipation, our next journey together! Heart♥felt gratitude to you Joe!!
Marlena Zion(non-registered)
I've had the opportunity to work w/ Joe twice now. 1 on location for amazing sunset shots & the 2nd in studio. I am always tickled w/ how beautiful they photos turn out. Joe is so easy to work with & really takes the time to make sure everything from the lighting to your posing is the best it can possibly be in the photo. I look forward to working w/ Joe again in the future!
miss willow chang(non-registered)
if you ever have the opportunity to be captured by mr. joe, consider yourself very, very lucky!

joe has a rare gift- and it exceeds the talents of his amazing photography. he is compassionate, sensitive, alert and aware, engaged and has a real eye for detail- all attributes that are VERY evident in his photography!

he is always kind, considerate, reliable and professional. he helps create a safe and fun environment to have the subjects relax and be at ease.

he's able to convey both movement and emotion in his work, as well as freeze a moving target or share the solitude of a quiet, reflective moment- each is done with finesse!

joe and i have worked together extensively with Bollywood nights, the PUJA Dance Concert, Global Dance Cafe , the Hawaii Book and Music Fair, Taqsim dance showcase , portrait work and even weddings and i am still continually amazed and awed at this photography.

As a daughter of a photographer, hard core art fiend and small kine shutterbug who's also spent time in the darkroom, i'm trained critic, so to speak. joe is worth the time, energy and investment to create images you will forever love.

i have selected much of our work together which is prominently featured on my new website, and i am very proud of how he shows what i feel, believe and share.
so thank you!!!! joe!
Very nice Joe! Great idea too!! I can personally guarantee anyone interested in Joe Marquez's work that you will not be disappointed. Awesome photographer who remains my inspiration to be a better photographer!
I love the way your photos capture real life, and how you got every moment at my wedding. I also enjoy looking at all your other photos as well, so vivid, life images, and some so artistic. You are a pleasure to work with and your wife/assistant make a perfect team!
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